Friday News Round Up, December 21st 2012

Looks like we’re still here! Here’s the latest news in tech, web dev and social media in the past week:

Infuse your CSS with SASS and LESS.
A little introduction to CSS preprocessors for WordPress use.

Manage Slideshows and Galleries in One Place
You can now manage your slideshows and galleries all in one place on WordPress.

Six Tech Trends That Will Rock Enterprise IT in 2013
Some predictions for enterprise IT in 2013.

Boost Your Mobile E-Commerce Sales with Mobile Design Patterns
Solve problems with design patterns for the latest trend – mobile.

Which JavaScript Recipe is Right For You?
How to choose the right JavaScript recipe.

So You’re Going to Start a Huge New Web Project
Some thoughts on website redesign.

Forget JavaScript, It’s Time for Browsers to Speed Up Images