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604media has to give a shout out to “activeCollab”, a new project management and collaboration tool we installed in December 2008. We noticed the benefits immediately and I’m sure our clients will agree. Within weeks everyone was fluent in using this new tool.

Who is activeCollab?

activeCollab was developed by a small company, such as ourselves, called a51 development located in Novi Sad, Serbia. There is a lively community using and supporting this product which is no surprise since activeCollab has proven to be extremely useful,  providing essential features in a concise and easy to use format.

Congrats to the a51 team o the well deserved success.

Why did we chose activeCollab?

We looked at a selection of PM tools including: PHProjekt, dotProject and Basecamp. Here is why our research pointed us to activeCollab. For starters we needed a web based portal, without a monthly fee, that could be installed on our own server. This narrowed the field down to three choices: knocking off “Basecamp” which is hosted.

One of our company goals is to support and promote the open source community that is our bread and butter. As such the PHP/MySQL support in activeCollab was a big plus. 604media prefers to maintain control of its essential tools and data so, unlike some of the competition. activeCollab gives us complete control of the source code and a flexible license to develop extensions and modules. On top of this activeCollab takes advantage of the latest technologies to deliver a better interface.

Other benefits for 604media

This product allowed us to provide realtime project visibility to our client and improve internal communication. On top of this it also gave us enhanced document version control, time tracking, reporting and improved project tracking. It’s simplified and streamlined our process so much, we have named it “ZEN”.

What is the future of 604media and activeCollab?

activeCollab immediately provided us with all the critical PM tools for success. That has led us toward building customized modules.

This month we are extending the bug tracking system so that we can move all of our QC processes into activeCollab, items such as: Test Plans, UAT, bug statistic etc.

We have already modified activeCollab to suit 604media’s business model. Such modifications include:

  • A customized 604media project plan that, as a template, can get easily applied to new projects. Features include, billing templates, checklists for important processes from requirements analysis to testing and project wrap-up forms.
  • We customized the bug tracking system based on activeCollab’s ticketing system to suit 604media’s business model. Additions included items such as “estimated effort” and category/ stages that apply to web based development.

Find out more about activeCollab here: www.activeCollab.com

We provide installation, configuration, and customization services, as well as training in activeCollab if you need it!  Contact us today to learn more.



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