Friday News Roundup, November 16, 2012

Gmail Now Lets You Search for Emails by Size, Flexible Date Options and Exact Match 
Google has just made Gmail’s search function that much better. There are more search options that can also be used to set up filters to organize your inbox.

Microsoft Previews Internet Explorer 10 for Windows
A new preview of IE 10 for Windows 7 has just been released. You can try it out yourself and grab a copy of Windows 7 as well. The experience has said to be similar to Windows 8’s desktop mode.

Instagram Finally Embraces the Web
Instagram has made it’s way onto the web. With naturally picture heavy profiles, users can now share their photos online. You cannot upload photos but now you are able to share your photos on the web.

Gmail Takes a Page from the Desktop for Compose Features
Gmail has seen a lot of changes recently, one is the way you can compose an email. A popup will now appear instead of loading a new window. This overlay helps you keep track on incoming mail or search other items while writing your email.




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