Friday News RoundUp: November 30, 2012

TGIF! Welcome to this last week of November’s Friday News Round Up. As we go into December, we have some new toys to play with from Google, WordPress and some advice on how to make things work in the industry.

Google Drive’s New Site Publishing Takes on Amazon, Dropbox
Google has recently set up a demo site for ‘site publishing’ – the company’s answer to Dropbox’s public folders making files available on the web. Would you migrate over to Google?

Google Pairs Gmail, Drive for an Easy Way to E-Mail Huge Files
Google has just launched a feature in Gmail that will make it easy to send big files (up to 10GB in size) via Google Drive.

Upload and Edit Media Seamlessly on WordPress
With the new media manager, uploading and designing media has become a whole lot easier.

Responsive Design Testing Tool
Viewport resizer is a browser-based tool that tests website responsiveness. Features, configuration and compatibility can be found on the site.

Writing More Autonomous JavaScript

Making Advertising Work in a Responsive World
A quick look at mobile advertising, the relationship between an advertiser and publisher and design.

How to Build Long-Term Client Relationships
Avoid unhappy endings and leave a lasting impression, and many other tips for building a lasting client relationship.

Internet Explorer: The Browser You Still Love to Hate
It’s no secret that web developers are not fond of IE.


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