Responsive Web Design, It’s Purpose, Tools and WordPress Themes

As we’ve mentioned in our previous post, Responsive Web Design is the latest and best way for a web page to respond to any device that may access it – adjusting automatically to screen size.

This functionality has become increasingly predominant now that mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets are primary ways of viewing websites. Having your site designed with RWD will maximize it’s success.

Responsive Web Design’s primary purpose is for a site to look and act properly despite the browser or device used to access it.

RWD provides great search engine optimization – the redirect of user-agent targeting is a non-issue and there is very little maintenance with a responsive web site.

A particularly popular application to help build a Responsive Web Design site is called Foundation by Zurb. Foundation is developed in Sass (a CSS pre-processor that has a clean and organized interface). A lot of great tools come right out the box – their grid designs, typography, buttons, forms, navigation, etc.

Another is Twitter Bootstrap. Bootstrap was developed by a team of developers from Twitter as free tools to help with your web design project. It includes base CSS and HTML for typography, forms, buttons, navigations, etc. We will discuss these two tools further in future posts.

Are you looking for some responsive WordPress themes? Here are a couple of places you can find some:

CSS Template HeavenĀ 


Trip Wire Magazine


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